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Hockey, Baseball & Softball Socks
Hockey, Baseball & Softball Socks

Hockey, Baseball & Softball Socks

Our technical socks are made for Hockey, Softball, T-Ball and Baseball and offer maximum performance and comfort. They can be worn with or without shin guards.

Thinskins' 360º ´╗┐degree gradient compression aids the circulatory system to promote a continuous supply of oxygen whilst flushing away lactic acid from affected muscles. Variable density zones provide the right levels of shock absorption in the right places.

Our unique NANOSTRETCH™ and NANODRY™ technologies help you stay comfortable so you can concentrate on the game. NANOSTRETCH™ fibres stretch many times their normal size to provide a perfect fit, while NANODRY™ fibres minimise odour and keep you dry. 

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Foldover Top: Hockey | Softball | Baseball

  1. White
  2. Royal with Gold Top
  3. White with 2 Black Stripes
  4. Black with Red & White Hoops (Old St Kilda)
  5. Black with White Top
  6. Royal with White Top
  7. Royal
  8. Royal with White Hoops
  9. Royal with Red Top
  10. Royal with 2 White Stripes
  11. Red
  12. Red with White Top
  13. Red with White Hoops
  14. Red with 2 White Stripes
  15. Sky [Columbia Blue]
  16. Navy [Midnight Blue]
  17. Navy with Gold Top
  18. Navy with 2 Sky Stripes
  19. Maroon
  20. Maroon with Sky Top
  21. Maroon with Gold Top
  22. Maroon with 2 White Stripes
  23. Grass Green
  24. Gold
  25. Navy with White Hoops (Geelong)
  26. Pink
  27. Royal with Red & White Hoops (Centrals)
  28. Bottle Green
  29. Bottle Green with White Hoops
  30. Bottle Green with Gold Top
  31. Bottle Green with 2 Gold Stripes
  32. Black
  33. Black with White Hoops
  34. Black with Teal Top
  35. Black with 2 White Stripes
  36. Pink with White Hoops
  37. Navy with Sky Top
  38. Navy with Red Top
  39. Orange
  40. White with 2 Royal Stripes
  41. Black with Red Top
  42. Purple [Dark Purple]

Knee-Hi: Softball | Baseball Striker

  1. Striker Black
  2. Striker Bottle [Dark Green]
  3. Striker Gold
  4. Striker Navy [Midnight Blue]
  5. Striker Red
  6. Striker Royal Blue
  7. Striker Sky Blue
  8. Striker Maroon
  9. Striker Grass [Kelly Green]

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