Thinskins are a technically advanced range of sport socks. Thinskins are designed for maximum performance, comfort and durability.

It doesn't matter what type of ball sport you play, Thinskins are suitable for players of all sports – Hockey, Softball, Baseball, Australian Rules Football, Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union.  These technical sport socks offer maximum performance and comfort, and can be worn with or without shin guards.

Whether you're taking a shot from outside fifty, slide in for that last ditch tackle or make a lung-bursting run to the try line, hurdling your way to the boundary - Thinskins technical sport socks provide maximum performance and comfort.

Thinskins Triathlon Compression & Compression Recovery socks are great for cycling, triathlons, running, gym workouts, or any kind of exercise. The compression anklet socks offer maximum performance and comfort to help you get the most out of your training.

Thinskins' circular gradient compression aids performance by promoting circulation. This helps your body retain fluids, reduce ankle swelling and flush away lactic acid. Variable density zones provide the right levels of shock absorption in the right places.

The unique NANOSTRETCH™ and NANODRY™ technologies help you stay comfortable so you can concentrate on the game. NANOSTRETCH™ fibres stretch many times their normal size to provide a perfect fit, while NANODRY™ fibres minimise odour and keep you dry.

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