Get an edge with GRIP Socks

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Non-slip Grip Socks are the latest trend in high performance sports socks for athletes.  Grip socks increase your foot’s grip inside your boots so that you have reduced internal slippage and enhanced comfort and performance. 
Available in 2 styles,  Crew and Knee-High.  Thinskins GRIP socks have been designed to be worn for high-impact sports to allow plenty of airflow. GRIP socks provide maximum grip to enhance manoeuvrability and agility for directional changes as required by elite athletes.
The unique hexagonal grip dots assist in keeping your socks in place and stop them from slipping while you’re in motion. Thinskins GRIP socks provide the type of traction athletes need.  GRIP socks ensure that your feet stay as cool as possible, as you put them through high-intensity activities.
The fibres of GRIP socks feel very soft to the touch on your skin, which is vital for your feet. The socks stay cool and breathable while providing a cushioned sole for comfort.
Whether it’s for the stability, reduced internal slippage, improved directional changes, or even comfort, GRIP socks give you an advantage on the playing field. 
Buy GRIP socks and feel the difference today. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits and have a more enjoyable time playing sports and exercising.

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