Self-massage Technique for your Feet

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Self-massage Technique for your Feet

A foot massage is a great way to help manage muscular tightness that develops throughout the work day and after intensive training sessions.  Regular self-massages work wonders for tired feet.

Spikey therapy balls are excellent for massaging the bottom of your feet to help loosen up the connective tissue that supports your foot arch.  You’ll quickly feel an easing in muscular tightness and the small muscles in the sole of your foot will be activated making your feet feel wonderfully revived.  If you can't get your hands on a spikey therapy ball you can substitute a tennis ball. Take a few minutes each day to do this foot roll massage.

Foot Roll Massage

To begin, either stand next to a wall or hold on to a chair or table.  This will help you keep your balance. Take a spikey ball (or tennis ball) and place it under the arched part of your foot.  Roll the ball backward and forward from the heel to the ball of your foot in long, controlled movements.  If your foot feels tender don’t apply too much pressure at first.
After a few gentle rolls, and once you’re used to the massage, gradually increase the pressure to the foot.  Continue to massage your foot for approximately 3 minutes and then swap the ball to the other foot and massage for 3 minutes.
To really treat your feet after this massage, rub in some vitamin E moisturiser, pull on a comfy pair of socks and relax for about 5 minutes. Once you’re done you’ll feel completely refreshed.

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