How To Properly Wash Your Sport Socks

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We get a lot of questions about the best way to care for sport socks. The secret to making your sport socks last longer is proper care.  As a general rule of thumb, your sport socks should be washed just like other delicate garments – by hand washing them.

But, who has the time to handwash these days?

You can use the Washing Machine so long as you follow a few simple steps to protect your socks. These 3 Easy Steps will keep them looking good and lasting longer. 

  1. Separate all your socks by light colours and dark colours and turn your dirty socks inside out.

  2. Place them in separate mesh bags. These handy bags are great for preventing socks getting lost in the wash.

  3. Set your Washing Machine to a Cold, Gentle Cycle and wash each Mesh bag separately using a mild Laundry Liquid detergent.


We recommend that you hang the socks to air dry if possible.  Tumble drying is usually where fabric damage can occur, so take care to avoid machine drying your socks. High heat and agitation from tumble drying can cause shrinkage, fading and weakening of fibres. 

However, if you must use the clothes dryer, we recommend tumble drying your socks on the Air Dry setting to help maintain their integrity.

Now that you know how to wash socks you’ll be able to enjoy wearing them for even longer.  Remember, when in doubt, always Cold Hand Wash and Air Dry your sport socks to keep them looking good as new!

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